Firecrow Handwovens

Welcome to Firecrow Handwovens, specializing in handwoven scarves, shawls, ponchos, vests with pockets, hats, clutch purses and home textiles (towels, napkins, throws, runners) based in the beautiful hills of Western Massachusetts.

Fibers include the luxuriously soft rayon chenille, 100% cotton, tencel, rayon, bamboo and mohair. Doubleweave scarves are woven with supersoft merino wool and tencel.

Wrap yourself in comfort and elegance with a brilliantly colored, handwoven, completely handmade scarf or shawl in shades of purple or blue, or inspired by the glorious pink and orange sunsets here in the Hollow.

Indulge your sense of touch with luxuriously soft chenille wraps or ponchos to keep the chill away on autumn evenings or to show off at that gallery opening or party you're off to.

Shades of red, orange, peach and gold hint at summer’s arrival – choose something to wrap yourself in on the back porch while admiring the full moon. Lightweight rayon perhaps, or loosely woven mohair, brushed or boucle.

Vibrant, warm colors and textured scarves and shawls with diverse fibers are Kathy’s specialty. She weaves in partnership with her 8-harness, cherry Norwood loom. Weaving brings her incredible joy, which she happily sends out in the form of handwoven pieces to be enjoyed and treasured by others.

Handwoven creations include scarves, shawls, wraps, ponchos and home textiles. Thank you for your interest in my work!

"Your scarves are without a doubt the best ever. The quality shows one what Made In America can mean. I am always proud to purchase one and so excited to see the reaction of the person on the receiving end. You should be so proud to offer such a wonderful quality piece of what is really art. You are actually an artist. This coupled with your top notch customer service skills makes you a model for what doing business should be all about. In all my years I have met only a couple of business people that have your level of all around skills." - customer in CT, December, 2019

Firecrow Handwovens Scarves Shawls Ponchos

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