“Story Scarves & Shawls”

We all have many stories, that, when woven together, comprise the fabric of our lives. Storytelling is an ancient way of relating experiences, lessons, messages from the Spirit world, helpful dreams and ways of embracing our authentic selves. We share stories for many reasons, to relate to each other as humans, to strengthen our bonds with loved ones and to bring into physical reality what we hold inside of us, for release, freedom, protection and to enhance positive qualities.

Kathy Litchfield works with yarn to weave stories and to create unique pieces with special meaning to their bearers.

Wrapping yourself in a “Story Shawl” or “Story Scarf” enables you to not only feel the warmth of chenille, cotton, alpaca, wool and/or mohair, but to feel ensconced in the creative, positive energy of protection, beauty and light.

Share Your Story – Order a “Story Shawl”

Kathy can imbue a magical Story Shawl with energies that you’d like to bring into your life, qualities you’d like to enhance or ways in which you would like to empower yourself to live in a way that is truly fueled by your own fire. She can also weave magical story shawls for your loved ones, to honor special occasions and give as gifts.

Only positive messages come when one’s intention is clear and pure. Kathy can use her intuition for color schemes or you can share what colors inspire you. Kathy can also select fibers for you, or you may specify which types of yarn you would prefer used in the creation of your Story Shawl.

The Process

Stories can be shared via email or telephone. Kathy will ask questions about specific details, colors and vivid images for clarification. You can select colors, yarn fibers and length/width of your special shawl. Every effort will be made to meet your expectations and specifications, but please note all sales of custom orders are final.


A non-refundable deposit of $150 is required. “Story Shawls” pricing will vary depending upon the complexity and offerings you choose for your special, one-of-a-kind, completely individualized piece of creative artwork.


Kathy can usually create your Story Shawl or Story Scarf within one month’s time (with the exception of September-December each year). If your special order has a deadline (birthday, wedding gift, etc.) please let Kathy know up front!

Contact Kathy at (413) 522-0358 or Kathy@firecrowhandwovens.com to order your “Story Shawl.”


Firecrow Handwovens has been weaving this line since 2011 with the goal of inviting people to purchase scarves that are enhanced with an energetic meditation for enhancing the positive and energizing qualities of the “chakras,” or the body’s specific energy centers.

Each chakra is a center of activity that receives and expresses life force energy. By focusing one’s attention on a particular chakra, by wearing a scarf woven in the chakra’s traditional colors for instance, one can enhance characteristics related to the chakra, or bring new, positive elements into one’s life.

A wonderful book about chakras is “Eastern Body, Western Mind: Psychology and the Chakra System as a Path to the Self,” by Anodea Judith. All chakra scarves are available to purchase on the Shop page:

The First or Root Chakra (base of spine)

Color: Red; Element: Earth. Has to do with self-preservation and survival, physical body, stability, security and health. Working with the Root Chakra can enhance stability, grounding, connection to the Earth, physical health and trust.

The Second Chakra (lower abdomen)

Color: Orange; Element: Water. Has to do with sexuality, giving/receiving, movement and desire. Working with the Second Chakra can enhance one’s ability to experience pleasure, deepen emotions, work creatively with others and “go with the flow.”

The Third or Solar Plexus Chakra (above the navel, below the chest)

Color: Yellow; Element: Fire. Has to do with the central nervous system, power, self-control, centered-ness and autonomy. Working with the Third Chakra can enhance self esteem, balance the ego, confidence, sense of humor and one’s personal power.

The Fourth or Heart Chakra (center of the chest)

Color: Green; Element: Air. Has to do with love, self-acceptance, relationships, empathy and compassion. Working with the Heart Chakra can enhance peer and family relationships, romantic relationships, compassion, forgiveness, acceptance, good immune systems, and a peaceful way of living from the heart.

The Fifth or Throat Chakra (throat area)

Color: Bright Sky Blue; Element: Ether. Has to do with communication, speech, sound and thyroid. Working with the Throat Chakra can enhance clear communication, expressing oneself through creative endeavors, speaking one’s truth, communicating with clear intention, power of the spoken word, honesty, creative living and thinking.

The Sixth or Third Eye Chakra (center of the forehead between the eyebrows)

Color: Indigo (dark blue); Element: Light. Has to do with seeing beyond day-to-day functioning, visualization, intuition, dreams and vision. Working with the Third Eye Chakra can enhance intuition, imagination, perception, memory, accessing one’s dreams for positive growth, seeing things with clarity, and manifesting vision.

The Seventh or Crown Chakra (top of the head)

Color: Violet; Element: Thought. Has to do with universal understanding, higher power, belief systems, divinity and unification of the higher self with the human body. Working with the Crown Chakra can enhance idealism, selfless service, open-mindedness¸ thoughtfulness, the ability to perceive, analyze and assimilate information, wisdom, mastery and broad understanding.

Visit the Online Store page to purchase Chakra Scarves.

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